Scholarship Application

Escondido United Methodist Foundation (EUMF)

Scholarship Application 2018

The Escondido United Methodist Foundation looks forward to helping with your scholastic and vocational goals.  Your continued focus on achieving your personal goals in living a Christian life to its fullest is highly encouraged by the Foundation.  Please provide all the requested information below. The Foundation Scholarship Review Board will then review your completed application and determine the scholarship awards. Awards are based on full time attendance, and will be reduced if part time.

The Foundation Scholarship Review Board will be assessing your application with several criteria in mind.  As aforementioned, we are particularly interested in clearly explained educational aspirations, as well as your spiritual focus and goals. Participation in the life or our church, currently or recently, is a major requirement. We will be looking for  essays that demonstrate thoughtfulness, attention to detail, and thoroughness, while avoiding repetition. Reminder: Applications must be submitted on time.  Extenuating circumstances will be considered by the Board on a case by case basis. We hope these guidelines will be helpful as you complete your application.

Instructions for application submission:

1. Download the PDF form below into your computer

2. Open file with Adobe Reader and fill out the form

3. Once application has been filled, save it as a PDF to your computer and send it via e-mail to:
*No written applications are being accepted.

                4. Make sure that the application is saved and sent as one PDF.

(we are NOT accepting applications in multiple files or  applications in any format other than a PDF)

Deadline is March 27

Application_foundation_Scholarship2018_fillable form.


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