Infant Program


Ages 6 weeks to 24 months
Light of Christ Children’s Center provides an extension of home where infants, toddlers and children can learn through exploration and play in a nurturing and safe environment. Close cooperation and positive communication with parents helps foster each child’s unique growth and development.

Each infant’s individual schedule is followed, allowing them to nap as needed. All infants and toddlers are changed when wet or soiled. When tired, infants are held and rocked. When awake and eager for attention, the infant is stimulated with play and friendly faces.

Older infants and toddlers are given plenty of room to walk, climb and explore. Older infants and toddlers are offered snacks in addition to parent-provided lunches. Everyone receives group and individual attention.

It is our job and our joy to meet not only basic needs, but also to sensitively nurture, love and support your child’s growing mind and body.

License # 37670073