The Power of Financial Peace

familyWEBFor the past nine weeks, 15 persons have explored financial topics of budgeting, saving for predictable expenses and emergencies, insurance, and our Biblical mandate to manage God’s money responsibly. The Financial Peace University gave participants concrete steps to take to understand and manage their own financial situation. When we took a financial snapshot of ourselves at week two we held a total of $357,439 in non-mortgage debt and had only $57,000 in liquid savings for emergencies. As a class we owned 53 credit cards. Eight weeks later we had closed or cut up 16 credit cards, added to savings and paid down substantial debt. Unfortunately, we also realized we carried debt we were not accounting for, student loans and borrowing from retirement funds and insurance products. We developed an awareness of our own financial picture and became determined to share with our children the importance of having a plan for every dollar earned, the opportunity cost of taking on debt, and the power of beginning a savings plan early. The video lessons were informative and entertaining and the group was very supportive. Another FPU course may be offered soon. Contact the Church Office if you’re interested in participating.


It was always really embarrassing to admit how bad our financial situation was. We make good money, but we were always broke. I was losing sleep over our debt situation, and it felt like we were always in a crisis. Financial Peace University has really helped us get our situation under control. — D.P., Course Participant


I would recommend this course for every church member, especially those starting out or those who are feeling financial pressure. The information is invaluable and easy to implement. I wish I had heard this when I was in my 20s. — A.M., FPU Participan

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